Melton Interfaith Network Inc.

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     "Our purpose is to develop harmony, cohesiveness and tolerance within the City of    Melton; to generate awareness of all faiths, beliefs and traditions in the community in    order to promote understanding and harmony; and to promote multi-cultural and multi-    religious tolerance amongst the various cultural and religious groups within the Melton    community"


A cohesive, tolerant and harmonious community.


To promote respect, understanding, cooperation and appreciation for the many religious and faith traditions within our community.


The Network sets out to:

  • Generate awareness of all faiths, beliefs and traditions in the community in order to promote understanding and harmony.

  • Promote multi-cultural and multi-religious tolerance amongst the various religious and secular groups and communities residing withing the City of Melton.


The Network will achieve its goals by:

  • Publishing, procuring and distributing interfaith books, periodicals, bulletins, pamphlets and other relevant literature in English and languages other than English spoken within the community.

  • Advocating for and supporting interfaith seminars and conferences on matters of common concern to the public.

  • Supporting religious workshops to promote understanding of various faith traditions.

  • Promoting spiritual education within schools and the community.

  • Supporting and promoting interfaith festivals (Ramadan, Dewali, Vaisakhi etc)

  • Promoting interfaith excursions to places of worship of different faith traditions.

  • Preparing and publishing a yearly calendar of events so that activities are promoted amongst the community.

  • Identifying funding sources, applying for grants and holding fundraising activities to help achieve goals.

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